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  • Border Elliptic, Borderelliptic, Borderelliptic
  • Research Foundation, Border Cyberforensics Group,
  • Border Cybergroup, Blackthorne, Blackthorne Cyber,
  • Border Hackerspace and Blackthorne Tactical Assay Group,
  • represent the private, not-for-profit, unregistered
  • educational, journalistic and resource development
  • activities, hobbies and associations of the Founders.
  • Apparent similarities to other individuals or
  • organizations real or imagined, are likely attributable
  • to misguided professional enthusiasm, or delusional
  • misattribution... We are happy however, to refer any
  • parties to occasional, opportunistic, criminally negligent
  • or malicious surveillance to the attention of legal
  • counsel or to the "Appropriate Measures Department"...heh...