Telecomix - A Brilliant Crypto-Anarchist Manifesto

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

Another Crypto-Anarchist Manifesto


Border Elliptic Research Group and HackerSpace is a cybersecurity research, reporting and public accountability project started in 2016 by Jonathan Brown. Our website,, serves as a portal for cybersecurity news and hacking/penetration-testing resources for serious practicioners. We share our ongoing learning experiences with Debian-based Linux server and desktop configuration and development, penetration testing, system-hardening, and all things Linux. In addition we share samples from a wide swath of available online tech and tech-security news, related political news items, and links to an array of official government documents and technical, academic white-papers from nations, companies, research facilities and individuals across the spectrum of the technology and technology research landscape. We welcome relevant input from our guests, via email, phone or in the form of posts on our (in-development) blog. Jonathan earned AAS degrees in Electronics and Computer Programming from the Community College of the Air Force and Lane Community College, and recieved his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon. He is a dedicated, passionate activist, technician and educator, with interests that range from computer science to physics, planetary astronomy, exobiology, religion, history, anthropology, philosophy, music, architecture and art. Border Elliptic and Border Cyberforensics Group and Border Hackerspace represent the private, not-for-profit, unregistered educational, journalistic and resource development activities, hobbies and associations of the Founder. Apparent similarities to other individuals or organizations real or imagined should be directly attributed to delusional paranoia, and the opinions expressed here or therein are directly those of the vast majority of broad-minded, intelligent people. heh... We treasure and encourage humor, skilled insights, input, originality, truthfulness, out-of-the-box approaches, artistic and (ethical) scientific endeavor, functional solutions to the problem of faster-than-light communication and travel, optimism and a worldwide non-violent uprising and revolution of the People, for the healing and preservation of our common stewardship and it's treasured object, this great, magickal marble upon the Deep - the Mother Earth. We discourage illegal hacking by the incompetent, self-serving or unprincipled, corporate and government fraud and oppression, and unmitigated avoidance of personal responsibility for the consequences of international mass-scale profit-mongering and global environmental destruction by those guilty-as-charged... Our current favorite document of all time - until it's implications, imprecations, recommendations and unambiguous conclusions are carried forward once again by the descendants of those founding fathers that constructed it, perhaps unwittingly, for the edification and transformation of all failed Democracies - is the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. We're just sayin...