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VECTOR NEWS - Daily Web-Security News Items

Homeland Security Spying on Journalists Reporting on Portland Protests

Threat Intel Feed Summary from Digital Shadows

Digital Shadows Reviews Threat Model of the Remote Worker

Zero Trust - My Paradigm Exactly - U.S. Navy Finally Graduates to the Pros

Another Zero-Day from hacktress sandboxescaper!!

Hackers Weaponizing AI

US Cyberconference AI Malware Discussion

AI Malware Considered

Business Bigwigs Fear Hackers with AI Tools

AI Malware with


Excellent Review of Current State of Cyberwarfare

Japanese Cybercrime Underground On The Rise

OOOhhh.... Hexane Moves In for the Big Kill...

Captital One Data Breach...Unknown if This Data Was Actually Leaked!

Court Blabs About NSA Hacking of Foreign Governments... Then Jails Contractor for Hacking NSA

Wired Magazine takes a look at Hacker Group APT32, aka OceanLotus

Trump Orders Cyberattack Against Iranian Missile Sites

Triada Backdoor to Root Control Built Into Android Devices at Factories

Hacker GnosticPlayers: Passwords for Sale

Hackers Get Hacked! (It's About Time....)

Assange Charged in U.S.

Intezer Gets The Scoop on Hidden Wasp Linux Malware

Germany Demands an End to Working Cryptography

China APT Activity Review from

Great Scholarly Contribution from bunnie and Ed (Snowden) on Hardware Vulnerability Mitigation

Thangrycat Harware Vulnerability Compromises Cisco Trustchain at it's Root

SeedWorm APT fortifies BlackWater phishing campaign with clever anti-detection methods

Israel Responds to Hamas Cyber Attack with Lethal Military Force

(YOUR) Instagram Private Data Dumped on Public Database

Stack OVerflow's Production Servers Hacked!

Operation ShadowHammer

Mystery Hackers Hit MegaRich Corporations

China-linked Cyber Espionage Group Targets Naval Adversaries

Israeli Prime Minister Lead Challenging Candidate Hacked By Iranian Intelligence

SimBad Malware Spreading Via Google Play Store

NSA Hacks American Router Hardware

NSA's "Boundless Informant"

Thomas Drake Comments on PRISM

Der Speigel: NSA mass surveillance of German citizens

Researchers at Microsoft warn of damages caused by cyber operations conducted by Iran-linked cyberespionage groups.

Modular Cryptojacking malware uses worm abilities to spread

(UPDATED):DoD CyberSecurity Report Summary 2017-2018

Wikileaks Dictionary of Military Terminology

The NSA's Plan to own the Internet


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